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tv   Chasing News  FOX  August 19, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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>> now on chasing news. >> that is new jersey's dad. >> i am sleeping in a motel room. >> he just pulled over, a pickup truck is harassing him. >> that is what the cops showed up. >> i can't wrap myself around that someone slept with this guy. >> 9 kids. >> we came across this japanese restaurant. >> owner. >> he is outside. >> they have karaoke here, i hope you are ready to sing.
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♪ >> how do you feel? >> harchg hank it has been a whe since we talked about the nazi dad he is in the room. >> i wrote the book mine -- 3 and 4. >> mine what? >> mine stru el. >> who wrote mine camp 1 and 2. >> that is hitler. >> that is new jersey's nazi dad, fresh out of summer set county jail, last year campbell was wanted by police after being charged with assault, resisting and evading law enforcements. >> i was at home for the longest time until maybe a month. then i left, i went out to.
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>> i got caught the same day. >> you were at home the whole time you were supposed to be on the run. >> yep. >> they could have reached out and touched me, they didn't. >> campbell became known as nazi dad, he has fathered 9 children, he does not have custody of any of them i met up with campbell he told me he is out and homeless. >> you are not sleeping in the park here tonight. >> no, a motel tonight. if there is no heat wave, tomorrow then i will sleep in a park or my car. >> he has family he could stay with but probation said he cannot leave new jersey for two years, we stopped off, getting sodas, arms covered with nazi tattoos. a sharpied in swastika on his
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t-shirt. >> he just pulled over, there is a pickup truck that is harassing him, he tried to move past the guy who was going too slow, the guy crossed over to block him, i saw it, and i'm talking about it. we drive by that parking lot up there me might be waiting on you. >> whoever was in that truck was not waiting on campbell. he has himself checked in. we were talking that is when the cop showed up. >> they didn't understand why, you know how people are. >> that is my take away, you want to be a nazi, be a nazi, that is his choice. but if you buy that ticket and take that ride, there is a price to be paid issue he knows that. >> why do i have to be harassed. why can't they just leave me alone, leave me be, let me believe in what i want to believe in, i'm not doing anything wrong, on my record
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there is no hate crime. come on. >> yeah myners woul nerves woule shot took police showing up was a surprise for me. we were conversational for an hour and a half. is that what you buy yourself, when you say you are a white sep supremacist. >> does he even understand what he is doing? that is not his struggle. >> he does have his documentary, it is meets hitlers, i think this show time or hbo . >> love him, hate him, he preaches hate. somewhere in there is a person with kids. there are a lot of victims when
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people act in anger responsible -- anger responsibl irresponsib. he is paying the price, it's hard to watch. >> start us off. >> pencil program, offers paid internships to high school students in the city, i was boss for a day, i had high school students follow me a as i you te them how to chase. >> a range of kids with a ton of potential. we cannot make sure they are paid internship. they catake the find this opportunity and not worry about what they are doing at home. >> a town now. focus of a killing murder. >> it took place wednesday,
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dennis cohen drowning his mother in the pool. she was 63 years old, and sister of a former army chief of staff, and daughter of highest ranking officer, killed in vietnam war. the son said he got angry with her, when he refused to take the medication she wanted him on take. she leaves behind a husband and 4 children. >> getting -- how to throw the perfect pitch. >> i would say a couple were pretty good. >> in spring, we had such high hopes for you, bill threw a couple ceremonial first pitches
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at minor le league ballparks ard the state, some were good. others -- not so much. >> well done. >> we're here today, arm and hammer stadium, the pitcher, is going too give me tips on how to throw a perfect pitch. >> it would be a good idea if i had training. >> we will avoid some embarrassment before he gets on the mound before the next game. >> see that. >> natural. >> there we go. >> all right so. jessica you have to try.
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>> toward you. >> yes. >> do i pick my arm up? >> down here. >> pretty good. >> how was that. >> that was pretty good. >> like a girl? >> that's all right. >> what! i'll let you know when bill gets his chance for redemption, do you see any improvement, you can tweet me and tweet bill or show. >> that took us down to man to h county they told us, but we already knew. >> queen julius, finally got word this week about her belifed dawrs -- beloved daughter who went missing in march, she told
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me somehow she knew. >> i asked her, i said, where is my child, what did you do? tell me where i can get her. she said, i don't know. i just dropped her off at the train station. >> she lived in linden within to lunch in long branch march 8 with a friend, jennifer sweeney, afterwards sweeney dropped her off at long branch train station to get herself home, and tyrida was not seen alive again. authorities recovered a body in a shallow grave in a long branch backyard this week, now they charge her so-called friend, sweeney, the woman who dropped her off in the train station, and the man whose body was found in andre harris with murder and other charges. >> i am angry.
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angry. that is what it is. right now. angry. more than anything. >> what is mind-bending when tyrida went missing, she was recovering from a shooting that was 4 months prior that was not solved, police say that same two people, sweeney and harris were the same two 1 ones that allegey tried to shoot her 4 months earlier. >> i don't know what would possess' person to do something like that. somebody that we welcome to our home. and just, we want to ask that question, i want her to tell me the answer. >> did the cops suspect these two initially after you know, shooting a few months ago? >> police said, what they said on record yesterday, they must
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have suspected. going back to march, a friend of tyrida said you don't drop off someone at a train station who is recovering from several gunshot wounds, you drive them home. >> the trial will figure it out, but something a body in your backyard. >> i talked to a half dozen people who knew her, super person, unstanding, great mom, church going woman, everyone loved her. >> thank you, hank. >> guess who is back in harlem. >> every change comes stru stru. >> harlem is on the rise ♪ >> sergio a great shot for selfies right now. >> you were married. >> do we look like a married couple? kind of gross i'm sorry. >> what? >> not just a place.
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>> new york city b, city, it isa state of mind. >> hank i'm your back porch man. you know what i'm saying right? no, not that, i have your back
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>> on tuesday an article came out written by press about how antwalieutenant governor is breg
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away from chris christie, i asked are you done with the governor. >> it has been my role to be his lieutenant issue lieutenant governor to make my position known quietly behind closed doors. >> check out this crazy close circuit television futtage from a passenger bus in china. they spring into action when their driver collapses and dies at the wheel, 6 passengers got up, pulled him out of the seat, and stop the bus before it hit any pedestrians or oncoming cars, a great job by the people on the bus. >> we have seen street performers in our travelers, but not like this, joseph gordon levitt in the l.a. subway, he is an actor, he is good.
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playing the drums. >> ♪ no one recognizes him, one person compares him to pee-wee herman. >> you look like pee-wee herman a little bit. >> this is every day spectacular, between his production company to have people record their performances. >> brooklyn, guess who's back ♪ ♪ new york city, city. ♪ >> last time we were here chasing in harlem we came across this japanese roas restaurant r, in heart of harlem, not far from 125. >> opener is a harlem nate glif. >> and.
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>> and he is black. >> he looks like us. >> the owner. spend years in japan speaking english, he came back to harlem, he realized this area needed japanese cuisine. >> i noticed that there were mostly like fast-food places or just soul food, i thought we needed something different, one of the dishes that i loved in japan was nabe these are traditional ingredients this go in there. from my experience, every time i had nabe with a group of people, it was always a bonding experience. it stimulates communication, i thought that would be something that harlem would like. >> chopsticks, old fashion way. old fashion way.
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>> right. >> i'm good with my spoon right now. >> i'm going to let her eat with the spoon. >> i really love how to concept came together with larry meeting johnny, they both knew how to speak japanese and having a love for the food and appreciation for culture. >> i want you to give me a quick lesson in japanese, like teach me something simple. >> you always here, welcome to my store. >> they have car -- karaoke heri hope you are ready to sing. >> i'm ready. >> are you a good singer? >> all of me, i know -- we're not married. we're far, fare. >> i asked if you were married. >> i am so concerned right now, do we look leak like a married
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couple. >> no. >> little brother, okay. >> i'm excited. >> she is only one i guess. ♪ ♪ i give you all of me ♪ and you give me all of you ♪ >> pretty good. >> everything gonna be all right this morning, back porch weather time, in an hour i will be drunk, an hatin animated drunk,k in mid 80s tomorrow, what am i?
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philadelphia same temperature, less chance of rain, that is for new jersey as well, northeast are problem getting thunderstorms sunday, i know, i control the weather, it does what i tell it to, you are subject to my every weather wh whim. >> oh, my head. >> for anyone that loves to follow inst instagram of dogs ie one you have to follow. they play, swim, and put on their h
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>> coming up next. >> i have an inst instagram acct you have to follow. >> they are the most photogenic you have to follow. >> they are the most photogenic puppies i have ever s
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs] >> check out this video in canada by penelope dirkson, it
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might just restore your faith in humanity, a man broken down in a electric wheelchair in a torrential downpour, a kind stranger saw what was happening he parked his car and pushed that man up the hill. >> for anyone that loves to follow instagram account of dogs, i have one you should follow. a ton of pictures and videos of a pomeranian family that lives in bangkok, thailand, they are the most photogenic dogs that i have seen. they play, swim. and put bread on their head. >> do you remember television show, mind of mencia. >> i caught up with carlos
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mencia but he had us laughing. >> why do mexicans only shop at barnes & noble? >> because they hate borders. >> if a country, there is no corucorus fix -- crucifix. >> there is a request for a muffin joke, two muffins in an ooven, one muffin says to the other muffin, hey, it's getting warm in here. the other muffin says, woe, a talking muffin. >> that was really funny, bill. >> and we're covered in water. >> from outside this building looks like every other in paterson but on the inside it is
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a safe haven for addicts, i am taking you inside, a facility in new jersey working to prevent spread of h hiv and hepatitis c, giving out clean syring syringeo drug addicts. supplies are running out. >> we have been closed last two months due to lack of supplies, this is frustrating and sad. because, we care about what we do and people we serve, we can't provide a service we know they need, that bother us. >> jerome king founded hope in 2008, last career he gave out more than 450,000 clean sir syringes. >> we're not creating drug use,
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these people are already using drugs, we are making sure it is safe. >> jersey has yet to give them funding, for years they have relied on private donation and federal grants but that money drying up in june, christie vetoeds there are 5,000 dollar from -- $95,000 that would have gone to the budget. >> as a result now addddicts are being turned away. >> we have them to hand out it is like lottery, and we don't have them, it is like wow what are we going to do. >> many are signing up to help, last week they got more 2000 needles donated but king said they will not last long. >> you know, syringe, saves lives, why wouldn't you want to fund it. >> to me it is only valuable
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from a taxpayer perspective to get them off of the drugs, if you enable them, more efficiently, i can argue again it. it come down to money. >> the numbers to fight those who are infected with hiv is more 600,000 a person. >> governor christie has been vocal about supporting those who are addicts, saying it a disease, he made measures for people to go to rehab, to blame state of new jersey for not doing enough for addicts is ridiculous. >> there are churching that engage in clean needle programs as well. >> have different ages for different seconds. sexes. >> if you treat a 25-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman
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♪ tea for the tillerman ♪ ♪ steak for the son ♪ ♪ wine for the woman who made the rain come ♪ ♪ seagulls sing your hearts away ♪ ♪ 'cause while the sinners sin ♪ ♪ the children play ♪ ♪ oh, lord, how they play and play ♪ ♪ for that happy day ♪ ♪ for that happy day ♪ ♪ happy day ♪ d'oh! (humming a tune) you're never bored paintin' the lord.


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